To protect the earth from devastating effects of global warming such as melting of Him ( snow) in Himalayas and climatic & ecological changes arising due to excessive use of the fossil fuels, Renewable energy Sources can play vital role not only to substitute for the conventional fuels but also to check the Environmental changes arsing due to their excessive use . To achieve this mission and our pursuit to serve the society by dissemination of Knowledge on generation of �Green Energy� and Environment awareness , Him Renewable Energy & Environment Consultants (HREEC) company is launched with a vision - to provide need based consultancy and to develop capacities to deliver the most up-to-date appropriate technologies in the field of Renewable Energy & Environment for the upliftment and growth of the man kind.

       HREEC believes in the philosophy of social commitment towards sustainable development with Renewables and good business practices. Our aim is to develop a concept of eco-friendly society which believes in preserving the Ecology and biodiversity world over :specially of Himalayas and adoption of �Green Energy� in every aspect of life. Our approach is to provide a �Small but Unique� solutions to the energy & Environmental problems of Rural and Urban people and Industries with maximum utilization of natural resources and waste management techniques. Company obeys the basic concept that �Energy Saved is Energy Generated� and thus development and utilization of technologies which are need based, energy efficient and long lasting .

      Behind any innovation and development on the earth, the human vision and skill are the basic foundations ; therefore our strong commitment is towards generating awareness and imparting quality training programs for local human resource development.

Chief Consultant

Dr. Anjan K. Kalia,

[ Formerly Professor. / Sr. Scientist ( Energy)]